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Information -----

This site offers refurbished Mobile Phones from the Japanese market such as mainly Apple Iphones, Ipad and other popular brands Smartphones. Japanmobile.TOKYO is originally Wholesale Distributor of Mobilephones / IPAD / PC Tablet to foreign customers, accordingly we are most welcome for foreign mobilephone sales dealers.
Our dealing mobilephones are careful-handled Japanese users beautiful usedphones from 3 big local phone companies: "docomo", "au" , "Softbank" and second brand these 3 brand's subsidiary. Most of phones are SIM unlocked and changed to SIM free version.
All the products are very carefully checked and inspected to verified for correct products function. And the used mobilephones are classified for 4 grades "rank Nw" "rank A" "rank B" & "rank C". (Remark: Depending on the type of scratches, the image may not be displayed sufficiently on pictures)
This time, we tried to add Shopping Site for Private People for collecting information on popular products. For private user, we are welcome to supply mobilephones safely by international speed post.
We are strongly waiting the contacts from mobilephone shoppers for wholesale business.

USED iPhone -----

Mobilephone Upgrade -----

Mobilephone upgrade is very easy only to insert SIM into New machine, and do some application software continuation procudures, if required. This is all what you need to do for machine upgrade operation.
[SIM Card]
* Phone system : "SIM free", "SIM unlock[same as SIM free]"
* Applicable SIM : "standardSIM", "microSIM", "nanoSIM"

In the case of Apple, the SIM application is guaranteed from each country's Phone Company shown in following Apple homepage : https://www.apple.com/iphone/LTE/
For outer phone company's SIM in your country, internet connection is not guaranteed.

Merit for Used Mobilephone -----

All the products we handled have been confirmed for normal operation, So all you need is to select the appearance on upgrade model according to the grade. Our handling mobilephone are mostly in very beautiful condition and you could enjoy the features of upgraded model. With satisfactory costing, used mobilephone is the same as expensive new model except a trace of use.

Guarantee & Service -----

We will explain the visual damage of the product individually when ordering, so we will not accept returned goods due to scratches. However, if a technical problem is found in the product, please send it back to us, and we will consult with you, such as refund product charge or change to another model number, at our full cover of shipping cost.