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Wholesale Service -----

Japanmobile.TOKYO is originally started as a wholesale distributor for secondhand Japan mobilephone : iPhones. Ipads and other smartphones. And recently, we started for net shopping site too.
In Japan communication field, we have 3 big mobilephone companies: "docomo","au" and "softbank" and several maker's original shopping counter like Apple Japan, Sony Xperia.

Most of our handling items are these 3 big brands SIM unlocked mobile phone and classified according to the scratch rank. SIM unlock phone is same function as "SIM free type. So you could apply your country mobile SIM and work well without any trouble. (note: each countries special low-cost SIM sometime does not work well)

For wholesale purchase customer, please give us following information:
1- Your interest model - [like iPhone 8, iPhone SE]
2- Your usual purchasing qty / model
3- Acceptable scratch rank : [like "better than rank B"

Based on your information, we could select suitable products with our best quotation. Just for your reference, our regular customer purchase each model for 10sets basis with acceptable scratch rank. Our current wholesale customers informed that our products are averagely beautiful even "rank B", they usually take "rank B" as price is reasonable, and they also accept "rank A" which is very beautiful with small scratches. however please note most of "rank A" "rank B" "rank C" are mobilephone only without case & accessories. ("rank Nw" is in original case with full accessories, but SIM unlocked)

Please do consider to sell refurbished used mobilephone in your shoppers as PRICE IS ALMOST LESS THAN 50% OF NEW MACHINE. Function is exactly same and software update can be done from maker's service site. Also product repair service can be done in this maker's service(like Apple service in your country)

Your consideration for handling Japanese used mobilephone in your business. Anticipating your favorable response,